Works of art on paper such as prints, drawings and watercolours appear in almost  every private or public collection can be damaged by:

  • light
  • extreme fluctuation of temperature and relative humidity,
  • pollution
  • pests and
  • poor handling, storage and mounting.

We are able to advise you on the causes of damage as well as provide appropriate treatments and recommendations for ongoing care.

If works of art on paper are framed and displayed correctly they should be extremely stable.   However, the majority need attention to prevent deterioration from old framing materials which will cause discolouration of the paper. Our paper restorers carry out much and varied work on delicate items and can advise you of any attention that your work might need.

We are also able to offer restoration services for textiles that have suffered through damage or neglect.


Much of the importance of paper conservation relies on top quality framing and the use of conservation grade acid free materials. 

We are able to provide framing and mounting for all types of works on paper.