We have made bespoke stretchers for over 20 years in the studio workshop perfecting the design from old traditional stretchers and stretcher makers.

We make these stretchers for Liners, Restorers and Museums.

They are made for the highest quality joinery grade timber and the pegs (keys) are made from hardwood (chestnut or ash).

Peg sets can be made to order for old stretchers that are to be reused.

The stretchers that we make include over-sized (including folding stretchers), oval and hexagonal.

Stretcher diagram

Please contact us with the exact dimensions together with any other particular requests. We take up to 7-10 days to make from confirmation of the order.

Requests might include having a back bevel on the outer edge or a heavier gauge of timber for a double lining.

For larger or more complicated stretchers you might require a construction plan first, or for ovals, a template might be sent from the client.